She’s not wrong.

  • Zoë Kravitz spoke out about Hulu’s lack of diversity after the cancellation of her show, High Fidelity.
  • High Fidelity aired on the streaming service for only one season.

It turns out Zoë Kravitz is just as outspoken as her character, Rob, on High Fidelity. She posted an Instagram to say goodbye to her Hulu show after it was canceled after only one season.

“i wanna give a shout out to my #highfidelity family,” she wrote. “thank you for all the love and heart you put into this show. i’m in awe of all of you. and thank you to everyone who watched, loved, and supported us. ✌🏽 #breakupssuck.”

She received comments from disappointed friends and fans alike. Her step-dad, Jason Momoa, wrote “booooooooooo. dammit. i loved it. ❤❤” And, Master of None star Lena Waithe commented, “I rarely find shows that genuinely impress me. This one did. I told you how much I loved this show. And I still do. This one definitely deserved another season.”

But, one comment grabbed Zoë’s attention. Tessa Thompson showed her sadness by writing, “I will miss you alllllllllllll so much,” to which Zoë replied, “it’s cool. at least hulu has a ton of other shows starring women of color we can watch. oh wait.”

Big yikes. It’s frustrating that Hulu would cancel the quirky and highly rated show especially since Zoë was also working behind the camera as an executive producer. The series was a gender-swapped reboot of the 200o romantic comedy about an owner of a failing record store who examines many failed attempts at romance.

“I think in particular the story in which we’re telling is about 2019, gentrified New York where there’s so much culture and buzz and yet giving ode to the time of the past,” she told E! News. “What’s beautiful is everyone’s gonna be down for it, because old people will feel nostalgic and enjoy hearing these records… it’s something that I think just stands the test of time.”

The entertainment industry is starting to realize the problem with whitewashing movies and TV shows. Apparently, Hulu didn’t get the memo.