Whatsapp has introduced some revolutionary new updates for the app – the app has now introduced in-app purchases and cloud hosting services.

The owner of the popular social networking app, Facebook Inc has confirmed the two new updates.

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Facebook Inc To Generate Income Through In-App Purchases And Hosting Services

Facebook Inc is planning to generate more income by providing in-app purchases and hosting services in Whatsapp. Through this new update, Whatsapp will be enabling businesses to sell their products online on the app through Facebook Shops. Facebook Shops was an online store launched in May; it offers a unified shopping experience through Facebook’s apps.

Facebook will also be set foot into the cloud computing sector and will enable the firms who will use the app for its customer service messaging tools to save their messages on Facebook servers.

It was confirmed by WhatsApp’s chief operating officer, Matt Idema, that the shopping platform will be available this year, whereas, the message hosting app would be rolled out into 2021.  Read More..