• Senator Mitt Romney said on Tuesday he supports filling a Supreme Court vacancy before the election, assuring Republicans have the needed votes to confirm a potential nominee.
  • Trump campaigned in Pennsylvania on Tuesday, as the vacant Supreme Court seat of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg sparked a new rallying cry among supporters: “Fill that seat”.
  • Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris headed to Michigan, where she held a round table with Black men in Flint.
  • Biden will not be travel on Monday, but will held a virtual fundraiser, with 42 days until November 3.
  • Trump will deliver a pre-recorded speech at the United Nations General Assembly.

Tuesday, September 22

19:45 ET – Donald Trump, at campaign rally in Pennsylvania, disparages Joe Biden for wearing a mask, limiting crowds

“You know, you can’t disguise. If you ever see ‘Sleepy Joe’ with little circles. He puts it very far away. So far away and then he comes up with a mask. He’s like 100 yards from the nearest human being,” Trump told a crowd at a rally attended by several hundred.

“He feels good about the mask,” Trump said. “I wonder if the debate, it’ll be him and I on the stage. Is he gonna walk in with a mask?”

“I gotta be honest. He feels good about, he feels good about the mask and that’s okay. You know whatever makes you feel good. He feels good,” the president said.

“I mean honestly, what the hell did he spend all that money on the plastic surgery if he’s gonna cover it up,” Trump said to applause from supporters.