TAMPA, Fla. – For so many years, Tom Brady was money with the ball in his hand in crunchtime.

Not so much now.

The latest example came with the game on the line on Monday night and Brady, the legend with six Super Bowl rings, overthrew Cameron Brate for, well, a “perfect” interception that landed in the arms of rookie safety Jordan Fuller.

Game over. Bucs lose again. The ghost of Jameis Winston haunts them again.

“Bad read,” Brady grumbled after the 27-24 setback to the Los Angeles Rams. “Bad throw. Bad decision. Everything.”

There was Brady, trying to explain what went wrong again. In this case, he saw the safety at the last second and, in trying to account for the sighting, sailed the ball. But even before that last fateful throw, nothing seemed automatic about Brady leading the Bucs to a last-minute victory (or even a game-tying score to set up overtime) given how rocky things were all night. Turns out that it was another prime-time deflation for Brady, which has become part of the deal since he joined the Bucs last spring and fueled all sorts of hope that a downtrodden franchise was poised to join the ranks of the contenders.

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