It was long expected that Facebook’s $16 billion investment in WhatsApp would lead to a monetization strategy. Judging by the latest WhatsApp privacy policy controversy, it looks like we’re finally headed in that direction.

WhatsApp announced changes to its privacy policy in January 2021 that ignited a data security and privacy conversation. As a result, many users are now switching to more private messaging apps like Signal and Telegram. In fact, downloads for Signal, the privacy-first messenger, jumped 4,200% week-on-week, with the app clocking 7.5 million installs globally in the first week of January 2021.

All this to say that WhatsApp has had to get into serious damage control mode to stem the tide of users jumping ship. WhatsApp took to Twitter to debunk rumors and clarify exactly what was being shared with Facebook. In India, where WhatsApp has over 340 million users, the app took to front-page newspaper advertisements to explain exactly what data is being shared.

Which brings us to the question, exactly what data is being shared between WhatsApp and Facebook under the former’s new policy? Moreover, is there anything to be concerned about for the average Joe? Let’s take a look at the state of WhatsApp privacy and what data is collects on its users. Read More..