Stunning Sophia was seen wearing a pair of tiny white shorts and a tight white cropped t-shirt. She showed off her amazingly toned and tan abs as she did a series of leg lunges and squats. Sophia wore her blonde hair in braids on either side of her head, and appeared to have a light layer of makeup on. She protected her eyes from the bright sunlight in a New York Yankees logo baseball cap (where’s the L.A. Dodgers love?).

Scarlet also bared her incredibly trim tummy in a white halter crop top with a second band around the torso. She paired it with high-waisted bike-style black lycra shorts, red trainers and a grey baseball cap. Scarlet wore her hair pulled back in a bun, and accentuated her workout look with several delicate chains around her neck.

Both ladies could be seen with heavy, see-through water packs over their shoulders. The bags came with handles for them to grab onto and keep steady. That added extra weight had to have made their squats and lunges all the more difficult. But looking at the sisters’ incredibly fit bodies, that extra work sure pays off.

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