Despite a particularly challenging night, a Mexican restaurant in Ohio still received support — and a generous tip — from its loyal customers.

On Sunday, The Battleground in Kent, Ohio, apologized to customers in a Facebook post for a less-than-stellar experience at the restaurant on Saturday night.

“We have had better days than last Saturday @ Battleground,” the restaurant wrote. “If you were one of the people who were there on Saturday, there is a good chance that you waited a long time for your food or drinks, had your takeout order mishandled, or couldn’t get a seat at all. For that we are deeply sorry and please don’t write us off just yet.”

According to the post, The Battleground had long wait times for tables, low staff and disgruntled customers, including some who had to wait for an hour to be served. In a word, the restaurant described the night as “chaos.”

“But what we will remember from that evening is not the misery, but the tremendous kindness and patience shown by the people who were there during the chaos,” The Battleground wrote. “The empathy of our regular customers who believe in what we are trying to do. The generosity and encouragement of customers who had never been here before and saw that we were struggling.”

The restaurant went on to say that by the end of the night, there was just one couple left, who had “essentially spent the entire evening” at The Battleground because of how long it took for them to get their drinks and food.

“They asked if we could gather the staff and if they could talk to us,” the restaurant wrote. “The gentleman, a local small business owner, looked at our understaffed and exhausted team and encouraged them to keep working, not to give up. Then he gave the servers and kitchen staff a $1,000 tip.”

According to the Kent Ravenna Record-Courier, the tip was split among four servers and two cooks.

The couple, who chose to remain anonymous, told the newspaper that they wanted to let the restaurant staff know they “understood how difficult the evening was.”

“There were just so many emotions that night, and this was the cherry on top,” Rosi Noden, The Battleground’s co-owner and manager, told the Record-Courier. “I didn’t know what to do; I didn’t know what to say. Their server, he didn’t know what to say.”

The Battleground ended its Facebook post by apologizing again for the night and thanking its loyal customers for their encouragement.

“If you got bad service on Saturday, we are truly sorry,” The Battleground wrote. “Come back. We promise we will do better. If you are already a part of our community, we appreciate your support.”

According to the Facebook post, the restaurant opened just six weeks before the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S. last year. Co-owner Kirk Noden told the Record-Courier that The Battleground has reopened three times since its original opening because of the pandemic.

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