Dr. Kaedrea Jackson, 41, is an ER physician at Mount Sinai Morningside Hospital in Harlem who has been on the front lines for every history-making moment of the COVID pandemic in New York City. The first case. The first death. The dramatic first wave of shutdowns. But now, the Brooklyn wife and mother of three will be part of a brighter historical moment. She will be among the first New Yorkers to receive the coronavirus vaccine early next week — and she wants other New Yorkers to know why she’s doing it. An ER doctor since 2006, she says she’s never seen anything like this pandemic.

“It was an eye opener. It was hard on the patients, but also on the staff, who just wanted to help, wanted to do more. We didn’t know enough about the disease at the time.

People’s conditions changed rapidly. Someone who was speaking to me calmly one moment just progressed and worsened so quickly that not long after, they had to be intubated. It’s not just our patients that we lost, but we lost colleagues. And it’s going to stay with us, and with the community, for a long time. Read More..