It was repeatedly tipped as the iPhone 12 range’s most radical upgrade, but new leaks suggest Apple has made a shocking design decision with the core of its new iPhones.

Turning heads, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has been spotted on popular benchmarking platform AnTuTu and it reveals some of the smallest performance upgrades in iPhone history. Moreover, while initial technological assessments suggested the range’s groundbreaking A14 chipset could be faster than a MacBook Pro, the reasons for its shortfall look to be self-inflicted.

Breaking down the scores, we learn that the iPhone 12 Pro Max has just 16% faster CPU performance than last year’s iPhone 11 line-up while graphics performance is basically flat with a 4% speed bump. More positively, memory speeds are up 22% but the big picture is these numbers were not expected from the world’s first five nanometer chip. As recently as last month, A14 CPU and GPU gains were tipped to be up to 40% and 50% respectively. Read More..