NBC is getting flack for not addressing a joke made last week by “Saturday Night Live” star Michael Che that many deemed “anti-Semitic.”

“Israel is reporting that they’ve vaccinated half of their population. I’m going to guess it’s the Jewish half,” Che said last week on the show’s “Weekend Update.”

The joke stoked the ire of viewers and pro-Israeli groups like the American Jewish Committee (AJC), which created a petition for NBC “to retract its outrageous claim and apologize immediately.”

A week later, with no comment from the Peacock Network, AJC CEO David Harris criticized NBC for not addressing the controversy on Saturday night’s broadcast.

“There was a chance for @NBC to apologize last night on @NBCSNL for last week’s antisemitic segment,” Harris wrote on Twitter Sunday. “Didn’t happen. Corporate arrogance? Corporate irresponsibility? Corporate insensitivity? What the reasons, bad show, NBC! In an era of rising hate, NBC only added to it.”

The AJC previously slammed the network for spreading “lies” about Israel, playing into “antisemitic tropes” and pouring fuel on “surging antisemitism.”

The allegations of anti-Semitism against NBC were compounded thisNBC MUST REMOVE ANTI-SEMITIC ‘NURSES’ EPISODE, ADL SAYS, AS OTHER GROUP CLAIMS SCENE ‘DEMONIZED’ JEWS week after the network was forced to pull an episode of “Nurses” from its digital platforms after the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) called on NBC to take action over a scene that has been widely condemned for the way it portrayed a Hasidic patient who refused a bone graft from a “goyim,” an Arab or a woman.

A protest co-sponsored by End Jew Hatred, former Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind, Liberate Art, and Yad Yamin New York, was held outside of NBC Studios on Saturday.

Fox News has reached out multiple times to NBC with a request for comment. Last week they told us no comment.

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