GOV. GAVIN NEWSOM ON Friday announced criteria for reopening schools to in-person learning that over half of California’s counties would currently fall short of – a list that includes Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara and others that together are home to about 35 million of California’s 39.5 million residents.

Currently, at least 32 of the state’s 58 counties are on the list of areas that would need to begin the academic year distance learning due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Counties seeking to return to in-person learning must be off of the list for 14 consecutive days, Newsom said.

Schools that meet the criteria to reopen will have mask requirements for staff and students in third grade and above. Students in second grade and below are encouraged to wear masks or face shields.

School days should also start with temperatures checks, and teachers must stay 6 feet away from each other and from the kids.

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