NORMAN — With the advent of social media, a new political battleground is emerging for voters, pundits, elected officials and candidates alike.

In an industry once dominated by paid advertising, political figures now have a free and direct line of contact to voters.

Candidates are using social media to do the same thing — just in a new way, said Tyler Johnson, University of Oklahoma department of political science associate professor and director of graduate studies.

“In some ways, it’s using new tools to do the same old things,” Johnson said. “The goals haven’t changed: talk to voters, get your information in front of them, steer them to the polling place. Social media allows candidates and campaigns to do that on a much larger scale. It’s also proven to be a useful tool to allow activists to have access to do that on behalf of a candidate without having to show up somewhere in person (which is useful in general but even more so in the midst of a global pandemic).” Read More..