A Florida teenager can now discuss abortion procedures with a doctor without her parents’ consent after she won an appeal in district court, records show.

A Florida law passed in 2020 requires individuals under 18 years of age to have parental consent before talking with a doctor about abortion procedures, including the use of an abortion pill.

A teenager from Tampa was awarded a judicial bypass from the law, Fox 13 of Tampa Bay reported.

The 17-year-old, who was identified in the court documents as Jane Doe, sought a judicial bypass to speak with a doctor about an abortion pill and how to administer it as she argued her parents would never provide their consent for her to do so, according to the report.

Her request was initially denied by Judge Jared Smith as she reportedly did not meet “overall intelligence” standards — one of seven factors a judge considers for a judicial bypass — as she has a 2.0 GPA while telling the court her grades were “B’s,” Fox 13 reported.

The teen’s appeal was successful after her lawyer, Rinky Parwani, informed the court that she primarily takes care of herself besides basic care from her father, who is her sole caregiver, Fox 13 reported. The teen argued she is not yet financially responsible to care for a baby, court documents show.

The attorney said the teen also aspires to join the military.

“The petitioner’s testimony demonstrates that she possesses an ability to assess the consequences of her choice and the risk it entails, as well as the intention to reassess her decision after consultation with her physician,” wrote Judge Darryl Casanueva in the 2-1 majority, following the appeal.

It is not immediately clear how many teenagers the ruling affects, who can now speak with doctors without parental consent, as the records are sealed, Fox 13 reported.

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