Facebook has taken out its second round of full-page ads in two days seeking to have Apple… not roll out a privacy update or something.

At issue is an iOS update that will require users to provide explicit, opt-in consent to allow apps to track them with Apple’s Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), a unique “anonymous identifier” on each iOS device that allows for companies like Facebook, as well as advertisers, to track users’ activities on apps. Currently, IDFA tracking is opt-out, meaning companies get that data by default. Facebook’s concern is that—naturally, and for good reason—that when given the choice, users won’t want to let advertisers snoop through half the crap they do on their phones, as they don’t actually care about seeing personalized ads and the whole behavior-tracking thing actually creeps them out.

This could seriously curtail Facebook’s ability to do things like monitor post-install actions, target ads, and model user behavior on iOS apps. Apple has also previously moved to implement new anti-tracking features on Safari, the stock browser on iOS devices, that limits the ability of advertisers to follow users around the web. Read More..