New York (CNN Business)Recuperating from the coronavirus and plunging in the polls, President Trump is retreating to his safe spaces: Twitter, Fox, and rallies.

On Thursday Trump started and ended his day on Fox. And, as if those appeals to his base weren’t enough, he is also holding a “virtual rally” on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show Friday afternoon.
In the morning, the President phoned into Fox Business for a rambling, off-the-rails conversation with journalist-turned-sycophant Maria Bartiromo. At this point she might as well be a spokesperson for the Trump campaign. As Washington Post’s Philip Bump wrote, she has “served as little more than a hype woman, setting Trump up with softball questions and encouraging his responses. It wasn’t the first time she has played such a role, but it was nonetheless remarkable to see the scope of her disinterest in posing any challenge to the president.” Read More..