Alaska police have reopened the investigation of a 2005 child murder linked to a man arrested last month in connection with the abduction, sex assault and asphyxiation of a Georgia girl in Alabama.

When deputies arrested Jeremy Tremaine Williams, 37, last month in connection with the murder of 5-year-old Kamarie Holland, Sheriff Heath Taylor mentioned that he had once been suspected in connection with the killing of a baby in Alaska but hadn’t been charged due to lack of evidence.

Investigators there are taking another look, officials in North Pole, Alaska confirmed, although no one authorized to speak with the media was on-hand Thursday evening.

The Georgia-based WRBL-TV reported that the investigation stems from the unsolved 2005 slaying of Williams’ daughter, Naudia Treniece Williams, who was just a month old at the time.

Russell County, Alabama, deputies arrested Williams in December on a capital murder charge in connection with Kamarie’s killing.

The girl’s mother, 35-year-old Kristy Siple, initially told police she woke up around 5:50 a.m. on Dec. 13 and discovered her front door was open — and her daughter was gone.

But police arrested Siple two weeks later and charged her with felony murder and child trafficking. She allegedly sold her daughter for sex to the suspected killer and predator.

A judge in Alabama has issued a gag order on the case, blocking prosecutors and investigators from sharing additional details, expected to be gruesome, with the media.

Sheriff Taylor had previously said that Siple and Williams had known each other before the slaying – and that investigators found evidence of child sex abuse at the crime scene.

Alabama court records also show Siple also had a pair of pending child abuse cases. She was accused of smoking marijuana while pregnant with another child in 2018, a felony. In 2019, she was charged again with felony chemical endangerment to a minor after allegedly exposing one of her children to drugs.

Williams had been acquitted of child abuse charges in the Cotton State in 2012. The outcome of another child abuse case in Georgia was not immediately clear. State records show that a man with the same name has charges pending for alleged battery and child cruelty in connection with an incident in August 2021.

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